A Helping Hand for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Now you can monitor and record all your daily protein test results, weight measurements, medicine doses and body temperature readings with the free Nephrotic Syndrome app. Plus, track your relapses in real time. Discover how to send PDF reports instantly to health professionals and carers, and much more...

Daily Record

Keep a systematic record of your daily urine protein level, weight, medicine dose and body temperature. You can also mark the day when a relapse starts.

Store Contacts

You can store up-to-date contact information for every person involved in your patient's care and treatment, making it easy to get in touch with them when you need to.

Keep Notes

Adding important notes is easy using the Nephrotic Syndrome app. Jot down everything you need to remember and have your notes handy when you need them.

Patient Profile

Enter the patient's important details such as their name, D.O.B., primary carer, contact info to create the Patient Profile. All patient data reports generated via the app contain the unique patient profile for ease of examination.

Generate Reports

You can automatically generate a PDF report of your daily records. This PDF can then be emailed to doctors or anyone involved in the patient's treatment process.

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A clear, user-friendly interface. Designed to be easy for children to use.

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